Lawn Application Services

In order to make your lawn beautiful, we use the following application schedule:

#1 – Early Spring Granular Fertilizer with Grabgrass Control:

Application of crabgrass preventer plus moderate balance feeding to stimulate spring green-up and healthy root development.

#2 – Late Spring Granular Fertilizer:

Application of slow release fertilizer for moderate balance feeding. This application strengthens turf for summer stress tolerance.

#3 – Summer Granular Fertilizer:

           Application of slow release fertilizer plus spot spray for weeds as needed.

#4 – Liquid Broadleaf Weed Spray:

Application of broadleaf weed spray for weed control. September through all of October is the ideal time to control broadleaf weeds in turfgrass because broadleaf weeds are most susceptible to herbicides at this time.

#5 – Fall Granular Fertilizer:

Application of controlled feeding plus broadleaf weed control as needed. This application stimulates root growth.

#6 – Winter Granular Fertilizer:

Application of a high nitrogen fertilizer to promote root development through winter and generate an earlier spring green-up.

GreenTurf offers additional lawn care services to ensure you are receiving the most professional and individual care specific to your lawn care needs. Contact us today so we can transform your lawn into a lush reality!



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