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Lawns suffer in the winter when people forget there's green stuff underneath all that white stuff. This winter was especially rough with all the ice… no doubt about it, all kinds of common winter activities harm your yard and leave dead patches of soil where grass once grew. Salt and chemicals applied to driveways and sidewalks melt and run-off into the yard. Plows dig up the lawn close to the road and snow blowers and shovels tear into the ground near driveways and sidewalks. Playing children jump in the snow, compacting hidden soil and killing hidden grass. Not to mention the drought conditions from last year will add to the turf repair needed this spring.

Most people see these problems and they start filling in the lawn with new grass seed or overseeding. You can overseed in the spring, however, you cannot apply pre-emergent weed control because those herbicides kill grass seeds as effectively as they kill weed seeds.

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Always keep in mind that mother nature can dictate success or failure of lawns regardless of the service company. Also, turf conditions can deteriorate on irrigated properties due to mismanaged irrigation practices.

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