Additional Lawn Care Services

The following services are provided by GreenTurf to further customize the professional treatment your lawn receives:

Grub Control Preventative
In late summer, grubs can create destruction of lawn turf quickly. This damage can begin before it is obvious. Once damage occurs, it is difficult to reverse. The likelihood of damage can be greatly reduced by applying a single application of grub control preventative. This application is recommended if the lawn was infested the year before or if surrounding lawns had grub damage. For more details on grubs, please read this informational document.

Aeration enhances soil and water uptake, improves fertilizer uptake, reduces water run-off and puddling, improves turf grassing and rooting, and reduces soil compaction and thatch. GreenTurf's aeration service uses innovative equipment called the AERA-vator. This machine, unlike other aeration equipment, uses patented vibrating tines technology which delivers coreless aerification for better thatch removal, turf renovation, seeding, and no core clean-up. To see the AERA-vator in action please watch this video.

Over-seeding provides additional growth and thickness of turf, thus decreasing weed growth potential.

Turf Repair
Loosen soil in area to be repaired, i.e. damage from drought or grubs, add top soil, if needed, and seed with a quality grass seed.

Vegetation Control
Destroys break through growth of all grasses and broadleaf weeds appearing in sidewalks, patios, driveways, gravel, etc.

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